Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant

I do lots of administration jobs and love the variety in my work. I get the opportunity to speak to lots of people as well as learn new things all the time.
Quote: Michelle Gardner, Administrative Assistant, HRG Melbourne, Australia.

What is an Administrative Assistant?

There are many administrative tasks to be completed in a travel office, but in smaller offices, the consultants often share these tasks.? When the office has about ten or more staff, they usually need a dedicated Administrative Assistant.?? Sometimes this job is combined with some reception work.

What does an Administrative Assistant do?

The main tasks usually start off with carrying out stock or financial returns to pay suppliers or balancing the air ticket sales (BSP).? They may also organise visa applications for the consultants or collate all the tickets and vouchers together ready to give to the travellers.?? They may even get to issue tickets, raise invoices, make deliveries, do the banking or just type letters for the other staff.

What does it take to be successful?

An Administrative Assistant needs to be quick and accurate with figures, have good communication skills and have attention to detail. As they are often asked to do many things at once they need to be able to multi task.