Conference Organiser

Conference Organiser

"Working with the client and suppliers to put in place the many big and small components that make up an event and then seeing it all fall into place on the day. It often requires long hours, amazing attention to detail, the ability to keep several balls in the air at once and always be thinking one step ahead, but ultimately it's a very rewarding job."
Quote; Jane Edwards, Event Manager, Conference Connection

What is a Conference Organiser/ Event Manager?

Conference Organisers manage the smooth running of conferences, conventions and other events.? As well as planning a conference in advance, they will usually work during the event to coordinate the programme and solve any last minute problems as they arise.
A conference or event can range from a very small number of participants attendance to thousands, in Australia or overseas.

What does a Conference Organiser do?

Researches, writes, plans, organises, markets and implements functions on behalf of a client or their own organisation.
Book transport and a suitable venue as well as organising accommodation and catering. Secretarial and interpreting services may also be required, as well as arranging any equipment for guest speakers such as overhead projectors.
Prepares and designs promotional material, develops and markets potential conference or event packages. So they need to love variety and be a real all rounder.

What does it take to be successful?

Ability to think on their feet and handle multiple tasks at one time in an often high-pressured environment. Must be highly organised with good attention to detail. Must have strong customer service and people skills. Must be able to manage multiple projects to deadlines and within budget. They also need to demonstrate diplomacy, with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. The role can often require working unsociable (and long) hours and involve travelling.