General Manager

General Manager

" Running a wholesale travel company on a day to day basis is extremely rewarding and exciting. It involves a lot of interaction with people both internally and externally and after 30 years I can still say that travel is the best career choice "
Quote; Robert Mackay, General Manager/Director, Venture Holidays

What is a General Manager/Senior Manager?

A General Manager is the strategic thinker who looks after the overall operation of a business or department.
A General Manager continuously improves margins and profits within their business.

What does a General Manager do?

Creates business plans that have effective strategies for growing a business.
Responsibilities include managing the overall running of various departments within a company including the Finance, Operations, Sales and Marketing departments.
Guides and motivates team leaders in these departments by conducting frequent one-on-one focused discussions on their goals, challenges and issues. Provides guidance and support to the team.

What it takes to be successful?

Leadership skills, determination, confidence in making decisions, the ability to communicate with all types of people. They need to motivate, develop and inspire their staff. Qualifications in business and previous management experience is usually required - there are occasions when they will work their way up to a managerial position after working within a company for a period of time. They will also have an interest in financial analysis, be results orientated with excellent oral and written communications skills.