Inbound Travel Consultant

Inbound Travel Consultant

I am very passionate about Australia and love that I can make a difference to an overseas visitor’s holiday. I love putting together different itineraries for different people or groups coming out to Australia. It’s great to be able to use my German language skills whilst talking to overseas travel agents too.
Sarah Hind, Inbound Travel Consultant

What is an Inbound Travel Consultant?

An Inbound Travel Consultant deals with overseas travel agencies arranging land content for passengers coming into Australia. The majority of the arrangements are completed over the phone or email. Other languages are often an advantage in this area as they will be dealing with various overseas operators who sometimes speak limited English. German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese are the most common languages used.

What does and Inbound Travel Consultant do?

They handle either groups or independent travellers that are coming from overseas.
The main role is to put together a package holiday which includes booking accommodation and site-seeing tours as well as travel transfer methods between the different places travellers may visit. Due to the long distances overseas visitors have to come, it is common for them to see a number of different states on one visit. It is the responsibility of the inbound travel consultant
to arrange their entire trip around Australia. They deal with the customer's travel agent overseas, via phone or email- this is where appropriate language skills come in handy.

What does it take to be successful?

Excellent geographical knowledge of Australia and its tourism attractions and destinations. Good attention to detail, good written English skills and appropriate foreign language skills will be an advantage.