Marketing Coordinator

Marketing Coordinator

“Working as a Marketing Coordinator was a challenging experience and a great stepping stone into the marketing world. My role offered great diversity and creativity and gave me the opportunity to network and be out on the field with various projects”
Quote: Jacqueline Xavier, ex Marketing Coordinator, World Aviation

What is a Marketing Coordinator?

A marketing coordinator supports the marketing team in putting together marketing plans and campaigns.

What does a Marketing Coordinator do?

Assists in planning marketing strategies, forecasting, communications, tracking results, following-up. They also manage marketing content, such as website material, brochures, to ensure it is current.? From a financial perspective, the marketing coordinator is often responsible for tracking the campaigns against budget and day to day financial management of marketing activities. They also assist in the creation of advertising material and campaigns, dealing with various media companies, placing advertising, creative writing and giving general administrative and assistance to the Manager or team.

What does it take to be successful?

Marketing coordinators must have a strong attention to detail, and be results focused.? They need to be able to manage projects from their creation until conclusion, often dealing with multiple tasks at the same time.? Great coordinators are self-motivated, have excellent organisational skills and time management skills and the ability to communicate effectively in both written and verbal form.