Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager

“The challenges of marketing some of the most respected travel brands in an ever changing industry together with developing the skills and aspirations of my team members are the most rewarding aspects of my job”
Quote: Christian Schweitzer, Marketing Manager Australasia, The Globus family of brands

What is a Marketing Manager?

A marketing manager is the strategic thinker behind the many marketing campaigns and handles all activities that are involved in creating awareness of a company’s products and services to the customer.

What does a Marketing Manager do?

A marketing manager analyses the needs of customers of a company to aim the company advertising and communication strategies at the right people. By doing this, a Marketing Manager ensures their clients have a good understanding of the products the company is offering and ensures that the company is advertising in the right places to attract these customers. Marketing managers often have coordinators and a team working with them, and they will need to work with different departments to ensure their information is accurate and up to date.

What does it take to be successful?

Marketing managers need to understand customers, and to do this they have to be able to build relationships and effectively communicate with a broad audience.? Because they often work as part of a team, they must have good team skills, be able to manage multiple tasks and be highly organised.? Marketing managers are also highly creative, with an ability to solve problems and provide innovative solutions to customer needs.