Product Manager

Product Manager

“I love the product development aspect of my role - sourcing new and exciting product is very rewarding, especially when it leads me to exotic destinations. Last year found me in Queenstown, Tokyo - and everywhere in between! Working closely with my suppliers to improve their sales conversion is always a great challenge, and one which I absolutely love.”
Quote; Joanne Barone , Product Manager,

What is a Product Manager?

Usually works for a Wholesaler- who is sometimes referred to as the middleman between travel agent and travel supplier. The Product Manager is the person who puts together the brochure for the travel agent to sell. A Product Manager is responsible for gathering all the data on the product or destination that the business is selling.

What does a Wholesale Product Manager do?

They create brochures, flyers and mail-outs. They source new product and negotiate rates. They keep up to date with any changes in the existing product being sold. A Product Manager will be required to travel overseas and domestically to get a better understanding of the product they are selling. They usually have a small team to assist them.

What does it take to be successful?

Good negotiation skills to get the best value for the product or service they are sourcing. A creative mind to be able to come up with new product ideas and the ability to research these products or destinations. The ability to put together packages and tours. Good spelling/ grammar for brochure production and solid maths skills for product pricing. They will often travel to view products and destinations.