Reservation Sales Agent

Reservation Sales Agent

I really like the interaction with the travel agents/passengers, especially when you have a good laugh with them. It makes me very happy knowing that I am able to help them and knowing that they are satisfied and appreciative of my work. I also love the incentives and competitions between teams, making it more motivating, challenging and interesting.
Tulay Demirci, Reservations Consultant, Trafalgar- The Travel Corporation

What is a Reservations Sales Agent?

A Reservations Sales Agent processes customer enquiries and bookings for travel arrangements including airline tickets, coach bookings, accommodation, day tours, car-hire, transfers and travel insurance. They usually work over the telephone or on-line and occasionally face to face depending on the company.

What does a Reservations Sales Agent do?

The agent processes customer bookings and answers customer enquiries over the phone and on-line. All bookings (or reservations) then go into a computer reservations system. A Reservations Sales Agent needs to ask and answer questions to ensure their customers get what they are looking for. It is important that a Reservations Sales Agent has comprehensive product information about what they are selling in order to answer customer enquiries accurately.

What does it take to be successful?

A love of dealing with people, good listening skills, attention to detail and accuracy. The Reservations Sales Agent needs to be able to work at a fast pace as they will often find reservations roles are located in call centres with large numbers of phone calls on hold with clients awaiting your help.