Retail Travel Manager

Retail Travel Manager

“A Manager for a Travel Agency must be patient, creative, inventive and tolerant, be a coach and a hands on consultant, bookkeeper and counsellor. Above all and more important than your managing people experience and skills is to have a good sense of humour. If you can't smile all of the time, you can't be a manager.”
Quote; Pamela Cheer, Retail Travel Manager

What is a Retail Travel Manager?

A Retail Travel Manager runs a Travel Agency which is usually placed in a street front locations or shopping centres with direct public access. They have the responsibility for all the staff within their shop. Most Retail Managers still arrange travel bookings whilst managing the team.

What does a Retail Travel Manager do?

They generally have the overall financial responsibility of directing how their travel agency shop performs. The Manager motivates the team of travel consultants to achieve their sales figures. The Manager will also have their own customers who book holidays as well, so they need to be able to manage their time effectively.

What does it take to be successful?

Excellent people management skills. They need to be a leader who is approachable and personable. They will assist and inspire the staff and solve any problems that may arise. They need a good knowledge of the world’s geography, destinations and products available. They need sound financial training and experience in running a small business.? They will enjoy working in working in a fast paced environment which is always changing and be innovative in marketing the agency services.