Sales Executive

Sales Executive

“When you are selling a product that you are passionate about, it is really easy to pass on information, as you genuinely want people to know how great your product is. It is nice to be able to plan your day where you call on someone different everyday in a different suburb. It is rewarding to look back at your figures and see a booking from someone you spoke with the month before- makes you know you have done a good job”
Quote; Kristi Iffland, Sales Executive

What is a Sales Executive?

A Sales Executive is the person that represents the business. They visit new and existing customers to train and inform them about the product or service they are selling.

What does a Sales Executive do?

A Sales executive is usually the face of a company. A Sales Executive’s role is to make sure that all their customers have a very good understanding of their product or service- to keep their product top of mind- thus increasing sales. Typically a Sales Executive will have a balance of gaining new business, plus focusing on maintaining existing relationships with customers. They will escort customers on product tours to ensure they are familiar with the product and promote at industry trade shows. They will hold smaller product training sessions on the customer’s premises. A Sales Executive will have sales targets that they need to achieve to assist their company to grow its business.

What does it take to be successful?

Excellent presentation skills, the ability to work alone and good communication and negotiation skills. A professional but likable personality that people warm to. They need to believe in what they are selling.