Ticketing Consultant

Ticketing Consultant

This job can be really rewarding particularly if you get a great deal of satisfaction in solving problems! It can be really intense, with high volumes of work and strict deadlines so you have a great sense of achievement when you make it all happen. You really have to have the brain engaged at all times as detail really matters so you never get bored and there is just so much to know as the industry changes every single day. I also really enjoy the contact I have with travel agents ? it’s a great feeling when you know you have really helped someone out.
Mandy, House of Travel, Sydney, Australia.

What is a Ticketing Consultant?

A ticketing consultant is an expert in understanding airfares. They are responsible for calculating and quoting basic and complex airfares. They then produce the airline ticket and forward it to the traveller or travel agent.

What does a Ticketing Consultant do?

A ticketing consultant will often be involved in quoting the airfares or providing assistance to travel agents in understanding the rules and what can or can’t be done on a particular fare. Depending on a client’s travel itinerary the fares can be quite complex and the ticketing consultant will need to think very carefully about the options they are offering. In producing the tickets the ticketing consultant will check the booking to ensure it is correct and then issue the tickets.

What does it take to be successful?

Ticketing roles suit a person who prefers a behind the scenes role rather than face to face with the public. It requires a person who is process orientated as the role can be repetitive at times. Good attention to detail and the ability to problem solve is essential, as is the ability to work with numbers. A ticketing consultant needs to be accurate but also work under pressure as airline deadlines mean times when the work load will be increased. A strong customer service focus is also important as are good computer skills.